Daniel Preprotnik’s unique portrait photography has been influenced by various styles, such as Richard Avedon, and Irving Penn, which merged into his strong characteristic portrait style. The perspective of his art baffles the observer with an exceptional mixture of vigorous lines, beautifully arranged transitions and at the same time energetic black and white contrasts. Looking at the artist’s portraits always involves a confrontation you can’t escape from; a story is being told evolving a clear voice. Thus, Daniel’s art addresses its beholder establishing the dynamic form of a conversation.


Are you looking for great photography, which doesn’t only look beautiful, but captures its beholder? Daniel Preprotnik’s art photography is full of messages and story telling. Especially his portraits are characterized by an immediacy and vividness that is catchy. At the same time Daniel’s art embraces subtle allusions and silent imagery. His versatile art therefore can be applied for various projects including the artist’s fine intuition to grasp the core of a project eliciting its true nature in an aesthetic form.

Daniel Preprotnik Photography

Light and shadow are the essence of my work. Detailed portraits and faces with character mean challenge to me. To sum up: in every person there is a certain je-ne-sais-quoi and that's what I bring to light. You don't have to be a model to make a photogenic impression, as radiance comes into existence through character.


  • Hasselblad
  • Broncolor


  • S.Oliver
  • Fashion & Image
  • Sullen Clothing
  • Pitcha Eyewear
  • Dayguide Magazin
  • Smac Magazin
  • Hasselblad Exhibition Photo 17 Zürich